New Facsimile
Cancionero de Juana I de Castilla

Burgundian Songbook, c.1511

Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale Albert I, iv 90 (superius partbook)

Brussels, BRA iv90

This lovely Burgundian chansonnier, one of the smallest complete collections of the time, created around 1511, consists of 56 pages of polyphonic music with Latin, French and Flemish texts by leading Netherlandish composers. Its 54 miniatures, made up of delightful little dramatic scenes, botanical designs, or emblema in the style of the Ghent-Bruges school of book illumination, have been linked to the atelier of the prestigious artist Alexander Bening (father of Simon Bening). The book lacks an heraldic device but this in no way rules out an almost certain noble connection as its illuminations belong to a group of books of hours that include the Hours of Joanna of Castile (London, BL, add. 18852). Although the songbook was originally comprised of 4 separate partbooks—superius, alto, tenor, bassus—the bassus partbook is now lost, and the altus (=Bibl. Royal Albert I, ms. iv 1274 ) and tenor (=Bibl. Tournai, ms. 94) are incomplete and less well preserved. The surviving superius part, reproduced for this deluxe facsimile edition, still has its early 16th-c. leather binding decorated with animal figures and vines; it is the work of Lodovicus Bloc, a master bookbinder active in Bruges 1484-1529, credited with binding numerous books for Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy. Contents: 22 songs without attributions; concordances allow us positive identification of most of the composers—Compère (4), Josquin (4), Obrecht, Ockeghem, de la Rue, Agricola, Barbireau, Busnois, Japart, Pipelare, Hayne van Ghizighem (2), Ninot le Petit, and Isaac.

The facsimile:  in the original format—oblong, 11 x 9 cm—56 pp, with 54 miniatures highlighted with gold and silver. Commentary volume (359 pp) by Honey Meconi, University of Rochester; modern transcriptions by Miguel Ángel Picó and an essay on the making of a codex by José Aspas Romano; 1 audio CD. Limited edition of 999 copies with tooled leather binding that replicates the original; deluxe case.

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 Brussels BRA iv90, b   Brussels BRA, iv 90e

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